About us

In 1987 I received my first Puli, Tengerdi-Hazi Morgo. A couple of years later, for Morgo az a mate, we obtained Diofastelki Hiros, who in my view even today, was the ultimate Female Puli. Tengerdi-Házi MorgóIt is because of her that my life changed radically. Currently we live near Budapest in Maglod, due to Puli breeding we had to give up our Matyasfoldi home in Budapest to provide adequate facilities for our Puli family.

I was very lucky to be able to start Puli breeding with a bitch such as Hiros, not only was she a beautiful Puli specimen but her offsprings were classic representatives of the breed as well. The very first litter produced Hunor and Hera, while Ivo and Irisz were in the next litter. All of them were exceptional, good temperament and nervous system and outstanding Puli specimen.

For many years I bread only black Pulik, in 1997 I obtained permission to breed a black and white Puli, Kalacsos Szutyi and Gyalhatari Gold. This litter produced distinguished puppies with jet pigmentation, deep black hair with very good construction. SzínváltozatokI was interested in the maszkos fakó colour as well and bread Szentmihaly-Szabo Greti and Csavai Nimrod, which, produced Szenmihalyi-Szabo Eper a maszkos fakó female.

I got my first white Puli, Kalacsos Orsi, from Soos Jozsef. In 2002 we bread Kalcsos Orsi and Juhaszbarat Aldas and had our first white Puli litter.

I experimented with Puli fur coulour breeding and variety but today I am of the opinion that one should engage with one colour breeding only and maintain purity of colour, no mixed coulour breeding. The purely black bloodlines are becoming rare. Currently, my kennel produces only black puppies.

Világgyőztes: Szentmihályi-Szabó PamacsFrom the very beginning our Pulik participated in World, European and Hungarian shows; to date we achieved 8 World winners, 5 European winners and a multitude "home" championships. During the 20 years of our existence we also produced numerous puppies that are champions elsewhere.

As a breeder I pay special attention to the rearing of puppies and the choice of hosts, owners, to our puppies. During puppy selection the head structure is the primary consideration, for me a wide skull and short muzzle is a must.

Our breeding objectives: the rearing of pure, high quality and healthy Puli puppies with an exceptional nervous system and a lively temperament. For all breeding-mate selections dysplasia screening is a must. Our kennel has several generations of Szentmihalyi-Szabo bread Pulik. We do not allow interbreeding; for breeding purposes we are looking for and choose male Pulik with old bloodlines of the 1970s and 1980s that have the larger and perfectly square body structure and thick braided hair.

In 2001 I successfully completed the MEOE, Hungarian Kennel Club, judging certification, currently I am judge. As a judge I emphasize and promote perfect canine anatomy and the maintenance of breed standards.

I am currently serving my third term as the President of the Hungarian Puli Kennel Club. Through the work of the Puli Club and the work for the betterment of the Puli breed I developed many friendships and relationships which I treasure, they play an enormous part in my life.